Safe Schools 


  • In June 2018, Pennsylvania adopted a School Safety and Security Committee within PCCD (Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency) that defined criteria to assess school safety and security known as ACT 44. 
  • The committee established specific criteria in categories of physical building assessment, policies/training, and student and behavioral health. The criteria is a checklist of best practices for schools to improve on overall safety. 
  • Commonwealth Safe Schools will reference the ACT 44 standards during school assessments and concepts of CPTED (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design).  


Commonwealth Safe Schools has been trained and certified through the use of CPTED, which uses a unique combination of design, management, and activity strategies to reduce opportunities for crime to occur and reduce the fear and overall safety of schools. CPTED emphasizes the relationship of the school’s physical environment, productive use of space, and behavior of people. Example categories include signage, landscaping, wayfinding, mobility access, transportation issues, traffic calming, parking operations, and lighting. 
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