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Are your staff and students prepared to handle safety threats? Not sure? Ask yourself these questions:
  • When was the last time your school received a risk & vulnerability assessment?
  • Do you know the latest trends and threats to your school?
  • How often should you and/or do you train for active shooter or lock downs?
  • Is your school in a mindset to prepare for emergencies? 
A risk & vulnerability assessment is a comprehensive evaluation of a school’s strengths and weaknesses in terms of school safety. The assessment includes the following components of the school’s infrastructure:
  • Outside Perimeter (fencing, parking lot, grounds, etc.)
  • Exterior (cameras, lights, alarms, etc.)
  • Interior (access controls, entrances, classrooms, etc.)  
  • Arrival and Dismissal (buses, walkers, parents, etc.)
  • Low level lighting (after hours)
  • Policies and Procedures
Like most schools, your assessment and training could have been years ago, or maybe never. 
Trends in school safety have significantly changed for the better since Columbine.
As a School Resource Officer, Robert understands the daily dynamics that occur in running a school. Robert knows the latest safety trends and receives updated training. Robert is familiar with all educational populations from pre- school to high school.
Robert has conducted assessments in many school districts and has experience presenting to committees, boards, and administrations. Robert shares thorough, detailed assessments with photos and recommendations, which are user friendly and easy to reference. 
Robert is a certified ALICE instructor providing lock down drills to various schools and grade levels. Robert has trained students, administration, parents, teachers, and support staff. 
Robert coordinates table-top discussions for mock scenarios, inviting school personnel and first responders to formulate solutions together. 
Commonwealth Safe Schools is insured and licensed through the State of Pennsylvania. 
All clearances are on file and will be furnished upon request. 
The owner is a current police officer and has successfully passed all background checks, psychological exams, and polygraph testing. 
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